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Sexual Harassment Prevention

The sad story is the most of the sexual harassment prevention training available is bland and studies show ineffective. Repeating a boring PowerPoint over and over is actually counter-productive and serves to inoculate the employees against the training. They have the mentality, “I’ve heard all of this before.” And they have heard it, they just haven’t owned it. Our approach is deeper and rooted in culture. Take look at how we are different that then traditional model.

Take a Look

Women and Men that have experienced sexual harassment in their lifetime.


With one of the largest survey samples on this topic, a recent survey indicated that 81% of women in America and 34% of men have experienced sexual harassment in their lifetime. Depending on the industry between 25%-85% of women experience sexual harassment in the workplace.

There is an obvious personal cost for those women, but also a significant price in lost productivity, and damage morale and employee engagement as a result of harassment. It is clear the problem is real.

State governments around the US are beginning to respond with more rules about mandatory interactive training (already in place in many states), bystander intervention, and clear procedures for prompt, impartial, and confidential investigations. The rules can be complicated and they are being updated regularly.

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