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The toughest part of any relay race is the hand off.  And this is true in business as well.  Handing off a leadership role to the next leader is filled with obstacles, some are organization, some are personal and emotional, and some are cultural.  No leader perfectly fits the mold of the one before.  Expecting this only leads to frustration and often a quick turnover of the “rebound” leader.

We can walk you through the process from the strategic planning, to development of potential future leaders, to the change process of affirming the past and being flexible for the future.

Broad Succession Planning – If your business or organization is large enough then you will want to develop an ongoing process of identifying future leaders and developing them for the future, even before you know there will be a need.

Senior Leader Transition – Earlier is better, but we can step in at any stage and smooth the process of the exit of one key leader and the beginning of the next.  There is an art to communication and transferring responsibility for many key areas.

Non-profit Leader Transition – Non-profits can develop deep emotional ties to significant leaders because of a shared mission.  Working through the emotions and the technical aspects of the change can be difficult.

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