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Studies show that most employees are looking for regular feedback on their performance and workplaces which provide development for employees have greatly increased retention. We believe that performance management shouldn’t be a once a year confrontation with your boss.  We know that regular focused feedback produces increased productivity and happier employees and managers.  That is a win-win-win.

Performance Management Process – Simple is better than complex.  Let us show you how to provide regular focused feedback which engages your employees and doesn’t overwhelm your managers.

Coaching for Managers – Giving good feedback and providing effect accountability toward goals are two skills most managers can continue to develop.  Let us get in the trenches with your and build those skills.  Then you will have your employees increasing your bottom line and competing to have you as their manager.

Discipline – Welcome to the dark side.  We don’t live in a world in which every employee follows the plan perfectly. Correction is an important skill for managers.  We can coach managers in the skill or step into sticky situations to give you the support or third-party impartiality to work through the issue.  Learn more about how we resolve conflict.

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