Most consultants are happy to hang around for the planning stage and then are no where to be found for the harder, real-life challenges of implementation.

Not us.

To make your goals a reality we will walk alongside providing coaching and training, adapting to new circumstances and serving as a contact point for employee concerns. We drive your corporate strategic goals through the entire organization. Everyone knows their part and how to play it. This is the messy part, but also the part where change happens and things get done. We wouldn’t dream of missing it.

Coaching and Training – Implementation depends on your people so their development is essential.  Sometimes this happens best in one on one coaching and sometimes there is value in interactive training.  Here are some of the many training courses we offer:

  • Management Boot Camp – A series which develops core skills for any new supervisor or leader.
  • Managing Myself –   Become a high performer by learning skills of time management, setting priorities, and execution (getting things done).
  • Conflict Resolution – Conflict is going to happen.  Do you have a clear understanding of what is happening during conflict and how to use that moment to drive growth and connection?
  • Meetings That Matter – Are your meetings places of energy, innovation, and clear decision making?  Or are they frustrating time sucks with little that gets accomplished.  Learn the simple steps to make meetings a high point of the day.
  • Coaching – Do you want to know how to get the most out of your employees?  Use this series to become an influential leader through strength-based coaching.
  • Onboarding – In this interactive workshop develop a plan to connect your new employees to your culture and team with energy and clarity.
  • Productivity – This series is a solid foundation in developing and implementing goals, mastering annual to daily planning, finishing projects well, and developing your teams to be collaborative, innovative and efficient.

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