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Leaders set the tone.  Bad leaders are the #1 cause of employee turnover.  But effective leaders who live out the organizations values are the biggest driver of employee engagement and  retention.

Some leaders are new to their role, others are technical experts, and some are ready to hone and develop their skills.

Training – For new leaders, it is important to get the basic concepts of leadership, communication, ethics, and managing employees.  Set the habits right from the beginning.

Coaching – For more mature leaders, it is most effective to invest in coaching.  This can be a short term commitment or a relationship that spans years.

A coach’s role is to help the leader identify growth spots and then provide framework, accountability, and encouragement around a growth plan.  Coaching is one of the highest impact practices for senior leaders. Coached leaders regularly outperform leaders with similar and even greater experience.  Are you ready to see what the impact can be for you?

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