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We pride ourselves on providing flexible and engaging training which actually changes behavior.  We know how to reinforce key points while we engage head, heart, and hands. Look over some options below and then let’s talk about the needs at your business.

Management Boot Camp – Core skills for any new supervisor or leader. (Series)

Managing Myself –   Become a high performer by learning skills of time management, setting priorities, and execution (getting things done).

Conflict Resolution – Conflict is going to happen.  Do you have a clear understanding of what is happening during conflict and how to use that moment to drive growth and connection?

Meetings That Matter – Are your meetings places of energy, innovation, and clear decision making?  Or are they frustrating time sucks with little that gets accomplished.  Learn the simple steps to make meetings a high point of the day.

Coaching – Do you want to know how to get the most out of your employees?  Become an influential leader through strength-based coaching. (Series)

Onboarding – Connecting your new employees to your culture and team with energy and clarity.

Productivity – Dive deep to gain foundational skills in developing and implementing goals or key performance indicators (KPIs), master annual to daily planning, finish projects well, and developing your teams to be collaborative, innovative and efficient. (Series)

Sexual Harassment Prevention – This is the hot button topic of our day.  Many states require this training for all employees.  And it is certain a best practice to provide it. But most training is both dull and completely ineffective.  But we have a different approach starting from empathy and focused on building a harassment-resistant culture.  We are committed to seeing this issue change in our generation.  We encourage you to learn more.

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