One of the biggest impediments to peak performance are unclear goals and processes.  Your team wants to perform. They need a system and clear goals in which to flourish. We are experts in assisting to clarify and set your strategic goals, then drive them through the entire organization so everyone knows their part and job on the team.

We focus our assessments on two key areas:

Your team members – We will take as deep a look as needed to discover individual strengths, communication and conflict styles, and performance challenges.

Your team – Those individual members function together with written and unwritten rules.  We will explore the systems and processes of interaction and the culture of the team. This information will be invaluable in learning to work together and unleashing performance.

And if you need to add members to your team, we can lead you in a process that helps you clarify the role you need, source strong candidates, and gather the right information in interviews to make informed decisions.  We can train your supervisors to be hiring-masters, or facilitate the process so you can engage with the candidates and not be bogged down in the details.

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