You just bought a business or professional practice. Now, how do you access the current team members and culture? Who is staying? Who do you keep? How do you change culture? We can help with that.

We will assess your team, processes and culture and give you recommendations and help as needed with the transition. 

Assess the Team.  We will assess the team based on performance, strengths, culture, and attitude giving you a clear sense of the strength of weaknesses of team members.  We will help you plan probationary periods, handle any terminations, and walk you through a robust hiring process to fill in any gaps.

Assess the Processes and Culture – Every business has written processes and an unwritten culture which define how work gets done.  The unwritten rules especially can often trip up new owners.  After interviews and a review of documents, we will give you a clear view of the current processes and culture.  We will help you develop a game plan to adapt them to the culture and processes that fits your leadership style.

Implementation. Creating a new system and culture takes time for your new team members to acclimate. We are going to walk with you through the first year.  We will provide leadership coaching to help you develop or strengthen your management muscles and integrate the new processes and culture.  During this time, you will know how team members are adjusting and performing. You will get a clear picture if you have the right team members and their place in the organization. 

We offer a bundled approach for business/professional  acquisitions. Call us for a customized quote for your new business or practice. 

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