Everyone is seeking top performance.  In a tight market, having a team that excels can be the difference between thriving or closing your doors.

But it can be next to impossible to find the time to build to top performance.  We’d like to help you tune up the people engine of your organization.  Here are some of the potential benefits of having a top performing team.

greater employee productivity
less employee turnover
less absenteeism
greater customer satisfaction levels


You are a great business leader and you want to make your company stand out.  You want a high performing team, but you don’t have the time to build it yourself and don’t want to piecemeal your way there.  Instead of an occasional resource, you want a partner to make this happen.

Genesis gives you access to all of our experience and resources.  We are on your team.  We listen to you and then we take on the responsibility to make sure your dreams become a reality.  With the Genesis Performance System (GPS) we will:

  • Assess – We will assess your team in strengths, communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict styles.  We will also assess your organization’s culture, processes and systems.  Any development begins with a honest assessment of the current reality.
  • Organize – It is always easier to move ahead when we have a clear goal and path.  We will facilitate and clarify your vision and goals.  And then we will spell out responsibilities in action-oriented job descriptions and provide a system of support by refining your performance management system.
  • Implement – to make your goals a reality we will walk alongside providing coaching and training, adapting to new circumstances and serving as a contact point for employee concerns.  This is the messy part, but also the part where change happens and things get done.  We wouldn’t dream of missing it.

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