Dr. Randall Kinnison

Dr. Randall Kinnison launched Genesis Mediation in 2005. His mission was simple – create more peace in the lives of others every day. Since that beginning, Randy and the Genesis Team have created peace for thousands of people. His vision is creating peace for over 100,000 people by 2020.

Dr. Kinnison is a professional who brings over 30 years of experience surrounding mediation, counseling, and helping others solve difficult life issues. He graduated with honors with a BA, Masters and Doctoral degrees. Dr. Kinnison has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Randy now trains extensively with online and live courses. He offers the 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training for new mediators and speciality training in divorce, business, non-profit and eldercare/estate. He has over 8,000 hours of mediation experience in a variety of practice areas. He is active in the community serving on non-profit boards and assisting others in a variety of services.  Randy and Sharlyne were married in 1976 and together have five children.

The parents of Dr. Kinnison divorced when he was an adolescent.  His two siblings experienced divorce as well.  He understands the emotions, dynamics, and results of divorce.  He and the Genesis Team work hard to maintain or even improve communication between parents with children.  Dr. Kinnison is experienced in helping  couples navigate the turbulent waters of divorce.  He provides guidance and assistance in coming to common ground and moving forward.

Dr. Kinnison has assisted over a hundred families deal with life transitions, death of loved ones, and estate issues.  He understands family dynamics and the underlying root causes of conflict.  Dr. Kinnison will do far more than just help sort out a conflict.  He can formulate plans of action to keep families away from conflict and focused on their love one.

Dr. Kinnison has led or established non-profits for the last 30 years.  He understands the dynamics between boards, management, staff, and customers.  He teaches conflict management skills and interoffice communication.

Dr. Kinnison and the Genesis Team assists in succession planning in sole proprietorships, family business or partnerships.  He has assisted with workplace conflict including potential litigation cases.  Dr. Kinnison and the staff at Genesis can assist in a wide variety of business disputes ranging from partnership, family, or employee conflict. Randy has expertise in productivity, leadership, and building consensus. He assists in the forming of partnerships and family businesses as well as dissolutions.  He works with small and mid-sized businesses, non-profits and corporations.

Pete Luedemann

Pete has over two decades of experience in building culture and developing people for organizations, teams, families, couples, and individuals.  He has  led long range strategic planning and facilitated cultures change.  And he is focused on practical action steps to engage employees and ensure the vision is owned and implemented. Pete loves to lead interactive trainings in areas like communication, diversity/inclusion, leadership, and prevention of sexual harassment.

Pete has 1,000’s of hours of experience spread over conflict resolution, coaching, counseling, and investigations.  With a strategic eye on the end goal and attention to detail, he uses a collaborative process to guide all parties to listen deeply and understand each other.  He enjoys the creative process of working toward win-win solutions.  Pete is a positive, confident, and calming presence in any setting.

He has worked with a wide range of businesses and organizations including industries like technology, financials, health care, non-profit, construction, and government.  Pete is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), as an Internal Investigator Administrator, as a mediator, and holds a certification as a coach by the Association of Talent Development.  Pete also has a Master of Divinity degree.

Pete enjoys bonding with his wife and four daughters through exploring the outdoors, travel, sports, and social justice.  He is refreshed by going for a run, watching documentaries, or reading in science, history, and biographies.  He and his wife Melissa live in Happy Valley.

Dr. Holley Clough

Dr Holley Clough has enjoyed over 30 years working with adults going back to school to achieve life goals, make paradigm shifts in careers and attain degrees for further personal and professional advancement.  Her graduate education and certification in coaching enables others to make effective change to create more peaceful lives, and live into purpose. With an undergraduate degree in management and graduate degrees in ministry and leadership her experience has allowed her to teach, administrate, develop programs and serve with non-profit boards. While working in adult education, her passion for travel and international missions increased leading to participation in a rural village development project in El Salvador.  This project evolved into developing men and women into leaders in their community for future growth and stability.

Dr. Clough resonates compassion toward those facing the challenge for preparing for end-of life decisions.  She and her husband lost three parents in two years, solidifying the call to support and walk alongside loved ones in a way that honors them with deep love and thanksgiving.  She understands developing a medical management care team that embraces the person as a whole, ministering both to them and their families.  A background in pastoral ministry and prior medical assisting experience combined with education in family systems allows her to fully hear and support at a level that makes a difference to all involved.

Holley is married to Charles.  Together they have two adult sons, who are employed in the Portland area.  They enjoy family outings, hiking, camping with a tear drop camper and traveling internationally.

Anna Hoesly, MA

Anna brings with her a background in Marriage and Family Therapy and 14 years of experience in the non-profit sector. She has a long history of helping couples, families, and organizations reach collaborative solutions and experience peace in their relationships.

Anna’s areas of focus are family mediation and non-profit mediation. She carries a non-anxious presence that helps her clientele feel at ease. She also approaches her work with a deep insight into relational and systemic dynamics, a strategic mind, and an uncanny ability to bring out the best in all parties.

Anna has a B.A. in Psychology, an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy, and is a certified mediator.

When Anna is not mediating, teaching, leading, counseling, strategizing, or passionately dry-erase boarding, she is spending her time living life to its fullest with her husband and their two little ones in Milwaukie, OR.

Doug Alford, MBA

With over 35 years of experience managing businesses Doug has seen a distinct need for compassion and rationality in helping resolve conflicts that exist within organizations. His experiences involved in sales, marketing, IT and operations provide him with a well-rounded understanding of the diverse needs within businesses large or small. He has served on the boards of non-profits and churches in both volunteer and elected positions.

He specializes in mediating conflicts in businesses, professional practices, non-profits and organizations. He is a trained mediator and has a wide variety of experience in resolving organizational and interpersonal conflict.

Doug and his wife Carolyn are blessed to be the parents of three active grown sons and live in the Portland area.   Married for 40 years, together they enjoy life in the Pacific Northwest including hiking, biking, kayaking and trying to lower their golf scores.

Doug graduated with a focus in Psychology from the University of Oregon in 1977 and received his MBA from Portland State University.

Giving Back

Genesis Consulting values a commitment to our community.    We give back 3% of our gross profits to help strengthen our community.  So every time you partner with us, you partner with our community.